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The Language of Color

Knowledge + Craft = Freedom

Are you...?

  • Confused when using color?

  • Looking to expand your color palette?

  • Overwhelmed by too many color choices?

  • Done buying dozens of tubes of paint?

  • Struggling to mix that beautiful color you once made?

  • Trying to mix a color and ending up with “mud”?

  • Needing to understand color but leery of dry, boring color theory?

  • Seeking to create harmony in your artwork?

We’re so glad you are here!

“The most important act in the creative process is the act of discovery. 

Inherent in the act of discovery is the notion of adventure.Traveling into unknown territory. Not knowing every turn of the path. Getting lost. Finding one’s way through the thicket. Taking risks to the point of failure. Exercising patience in order to come back home.” - Mark Eanes

What you’ll learn

...or what this course can help you with:

  • Mastering color

    Understanding color, the color wheel and color relationships will allow you to master your palette.

  • Feeling confident

    Learning how to mix thousands of colors using a very limited palette. Know exactly what you can achieve (or not) by using certain colors.

  • Learning to see

    Discerning colors, their hues, value and saturation, will enrich and deepen your vocabulary and expressive voice.

  • Developing strategies

    Learning a variety of strategies to assist you in creating harmonious orchestrations of color.

  • Having fun!

    Knowledge and understanding can diminish your frustration and open the doors for exploration and joy.

Course curriculum

Six weeks of self-paced materials

  • 1

    Week 1 - Let’s dive in - Prismatic Colors

    • Welcome to the Workshop

    • Tools and Materials

    • Let’s begin - Color Wheels and Basic Vocabulary

    • Demo - Mixing Prismatic Oranges

    • Demo - Mixing Prismatic Greens

    • Demo - Mixing Prismatic Violets

    • Make your own Prismatic Color Wheel

    • Discussion - Let’s Sum it Up

    • Slide show -The lineage of Art

    • Live Q&A Session - 8/10/2020

  • 2

    Week 2 - Diving deeper -Understanding Co-Primary Colors

    • Lecture / Demo - Diving deeper into the Oranges and Greens

    • Demo - Mixing less saturated violets

    • Make your second Color Wheel

    • Discussion - Let’s sum it up

    • Podcast - Process over Product

    • Live Q&A Session - 8/17/2020

  • 3

    Week 3 - Broadening the horizon - Muted Colors & Chromatic Grays

    • Lecture - Understanding the difference between Muted Hues and Chromatic Grays

    • Demo - Creating a value scale

    • Demo - Adding White and Black

    • Discussion - Let’s sum it up

    • Slide show - The lineage of Art

    • Live Q&A Session - 8/24/2020

  • 4

    Week 4 - What is “mud” but a wonderful array of Grays...

    • Lecture - Learning to see and appreciate the world of Grays

    • Demo - Adjusting value ranges of color with grays

    • Demo - Experimenting with Achromatic Grays

    • Demo - Loving the “Mud”

    • Discussion - Let’s sum it up

    • Podcast - The nature of Fear

    • Live Q&A Session - 8/31/2020

  • 5

    Week 5 - A Wondrous Discovery - Complementary Colors

    • Lecture - What are Complementary Colors

    • Demo - Secondary orange to blue

    • Demo - Yellow Orange to Blue

    • Demo - Red Orange to Blue

    • Demo - Yellow/Violet split complement

    • Discussion - Let’s sum it up

    • Slide Show - The lineage of Art

    • Live Q&A - 9/7/2020

    • The three Split Complements Charts

  • 6

    Week 6 - And suddenly, everything became clear...

    • Lecture / Demo - Random Mixing

    • Demo - Creating your library of Color

    • Lecture - Strategies for Color harmony

    • Demo - It’s all about relationships

    • Slide show / Demo - It’s all about relationships (extended)

    • Slide show - Color outside the frame

    • Discussion - Let’s sum it up

    • Closing Statement

    • Live Q&A - 9/14/2020

  • 7

    A little something Extra

    • Podcast - Being your own best Teacher

    • How to create the three Color Wheels (charts)

    • Bibliography, Glossary and Inspirational Quotes

    • Earth Triad

    • Slide Show - What If?

    • Bloopers


Associate Professor of Art

Mark Eanes

Mark Eanes is a painter, printmaker, photographer, curator, and educator who has spent the last fifty years as a dedicated and devoted artist. He lives and works from his studio in Benicia, California. Mark is an Associate Professor at California College of the Arts (CCA), where he has taught for thirty years. Mark has taught at numerous art institutes such as San Francisco State, CalArts, Dominican College, to name a few. Mark has shown his paintings throughout California as well as nationally and internationally. He has had solo exhibitions at the Parsons School of Design in Paris, the Triton Museum in Santa Clara, the Patricia Sweetow and Michael Dunev Galleries in San Francisco, the Fairfield Center for the Arts, Dominican College in San Rafael, the Mill Valley Arts Commission Gallery, and the Hanford Center for the Arts. Mark’s works have been included in selected exhibitions at the Applied Arts Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, the San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art’s artist gallery, the Etra Gallery in Miami, the Ruth Bachofner Gallery in Los Angeles, the Cumberland gallery in Nashville, and the San Paulo Biennale, among many others.

Assistant Instructor

Marija Eanes

Marija obtained her BA (Hons.) in the Applied Arts and Restoration of Works of Art, at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. Marija works with parents of infants, as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor and a Certified Musical Baby Bonding instructor. In 2018 Marija was certified as a Yoga instructor and in 2019 she became a prenatal Yoga Instructor. She assists Mark with the technical aspects of teaching online, and is happy to play the role of the student and give voice to any questions you might have for Mark.


  • When can I enroll?

    This course is all pre-recorded and self-paced so you can join whenever you want.

  • When does my course expire?

    Relax and take your time - this is the digital advantage. You have unlimited access to all the content.

  • Is this course interactive?

    In the first six weeks (between August 10th and September 14th), Mark will be providing live Q&A sessions via Zoom. These sessions will be recorded and added to the learning content for all the artists who decide to join later.

  • Can I ask written questions during the course?

    Yes! You will find discussion rooms all throughout the course. You can ask question and connect with other participants.

  • Is there a Facebook page related to this course?

    No, we prefer all the exchange to happen on the learning platform. However, if you want to share your work on social media and see what other participants are doing - use the hashtag #markeanesloc


  • Even for beginners

    A boot camp for color theory with an extremely knowledgeable teacher and his wife who executes the technical and support role quite brilliantly. The class is engaging, multifaceted, fun, inspiring and Mark and Marija are lovely humans. Even as a beginner I felt comfortable and was able to follow.

  • Speaking the language

    A meaningful exploration of how to mix colors to get the results you are looking for. Learning to sort the colors by prismatic, muted and chromatic grays was really helpful and taught me to see color in a new way. I feel like I will be a better teacher because of this. I really liked your comment that color and learning how to use it is a language. This class taught us all to be more fluent.

  • The foundation

    This class helped me understand color in a way I didn’t even know I needed to know - It’s laid the foundation for a lot of exploration.

  • No longer afraid

    I’m so much more aware of color now and I’m no longer afraid of it. I see how even just a little bit of thought and understanding can make a huge difference in my work.

  • AH HA moment

    The most important take away was the way I now look at color. Yesterday I went into the studio and mixed a color that I needed for a commission. I looked at the color and could see that it had a warm orange, cool yellow green and my ah ha moment came when I added raw umber and white. I then toned down the orange with the raw umber and white. I have decided to do a color exercise each day in the studio before I paint.

  • Thank you Mark!

    Mark is a great lover and keeper of knowledge, a perpetual student who not only wants to demystify the knowledge for his students, he wants them to have the keys to the kingdom. His great reverence and respect for what art is and what it can be are obvious and contagious.

Knowledge + Craft = Freedom

With a little knowledge, the experience of doing will become richer and more satisfying, while creating space for the intuitive.


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